There’s no question that this long winter has been brutal not only for our sanity, but also for our hair, skin and nails. The cold air outside and heat inside can strip moisture from our strands and scalp and also from our hands, feet and nails. As a result, our scalp becomes flaky and our hair, coarse. Our skin itches, our nails wind up brittle, and our feet, cracked and rough. Fortunately, help is here to combat dryness, seal in moisture and bring back the smooth and silky.

At Home Hair Care

Becker Salon recommends the Kérastase Chronologiste regimen, starting with:

  • The Gommage, an exfoliating pre-shampoo scalp treatment. With apricot seed, this is a gentle scalp and hair detoxifier that activates and stimulates from the scalp to the ends. Apply a quarter-size amount to damp hair, massage in and rinse out.
  • Follow this with The Bain, a revitalizing shampoo with a scalp regenerating molecule that boosts the hair fiber and provides antioxidants, vitamin A and E, and color and UV protection, leaving hair safe-guarded from the aggressive winter environment.
  • Finish with The Crème, a revitalizing conditioning balm.  With the largest amount of active ingredients in the highest concentration, this product nourishes the hair, leaving it soft, smooth and shiny. Massage a quarter-size amount into wet hair, scalp to the ends, and leave on for just five minutes before rinsing out. 

In Salon Hair Care

  • Becker Salon offers Kérastase Chronologiste treatments that envelop the hair in rich proteins, minerals, and natural sea elements and deliver captivating shine, softness, bounce and luster. Enjoy a massage along with the treatment. If you are in a rush, Kérastase Power Doses are excellent. These treatments, using nanotechnology, have a tiny molecule that can therefore penetrate into the hair and repair it from inside out. The product stays in the hair for five minutes. After a rinse and a blow dry, your hair will have a beautiful bounce and shine.

kerastase small bottle

  • Glazes are also great tools to provide shine and rejuvenate those locks. Applied to cleansed hair, glazes can stay on for about 20 to 30 minutes. Glazes can refresh fading tones or add warmer or cooler tones. You don’t have to color your hair to enjoy and see the difference. If you don’t color your hair, don’t be afraid of glazing. It can also enhance your natural hair color by just adding luster.


Skin, Hands and Nails

  • A paraffin treatment for your nails and feet can ease the dryness and restore youth to those areas. For your feet, Gehwol helps restores moisture and fullness to dry rough skin. To complete the rejuvenation of both feet and hands, why not try Smith & Cult nail polishes. The unique finely ground rose gold glitter “Vegas Post Apocalyptic “ is far from ordinary!!! These products are formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toluene, or dibutyl.

gehwol foot lotion

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