Has your hair been a bit dry lately?  Unmanageable or looking a bit thin?  Rather than turn to products filled with chemicals that may cause even more damage BECKER is going to give you some tips on using products you may be able to pick up on your next Farmer’s Market trip!  The first au natural client we’ll delve into is the ever so fluffy and miraculous, Marshmallow Root!  This vegetable seconds as a hair health agent that’s sure to leave you feeling naturally CHIC!  Read up below on the top 4 hair benefits of Marshmallow Root:

  • THICKENING - It's mucilage binds to the proteins which make strands appear thicker
  • CONDITIONING - Aids in treating hair ailments like eczema, psoriasis and dry scalp.
  • GROWTH - Promotes hair growth due to it’s high content of plant proteins 
  • SHINE - This substance is also super rich in proteins and vitamins that help add moisture and shine to your hair

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