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Exceptionally healthy hair is our end game, and we always felt something was missing in the haircare industry—a different shampoo for every hair type, a new conditioner for every concern. We’re tired of the clutter, and we believe it shouldn’t take an army to protect and perfect your hair. 

We poured intense personal attention into our formulas, and we’re proud to deliver plant-based perfection that brings out the natural beauty of your hair.

Elevated rituals, flawless results—because it’s always a good day to BE CHIC™.



BE CHIC™ has been three years in the making to formulate a collection of innovative, plant-based products that restore health and revive vibrancy. Infused with powerful plant-based ingredients, our products make an immediate difference in hair quality but also work from the inside out to restore long-term health to your stressed-out locks.

Our ingredients are harvested from the earth and expertly crafted by our hair science partners in Paris to harness your hair’s natural beauty.

We’ve enlisted essential superfoods like panthenol, keratin, coconut oil, aloe, marshmallow, quinoa and more to give you a shampoo, conditioner and masque trio that work together with the natural enzymes in your hair to heal, restore, fortify and transform—so you can be you, BE CHIC™​.



Our founder and master stylist, Becker Chicaiza, began crafting his revolutionary haircare line in 2016. After nearly three decades in the global hair industry, he’s been constantly frustrated with the lack of well-rounded products. One shampoo to volumize, another to smooth, another for shine—some worked, others didn’t, but Becker knew there had to be a better solution.

Hoping to make a positive impact through transformative luxury haircare, Becker drew upon his style experiences and global expertise to create BE CHIC™: an incredibly effective, plant-based haircare collection that delivers all-around exceptional hair without chemical compromises.



Becker chicaiza


Becker Chicaiza is a man with global hair inspirations and singular, impeccable taste. He forms immediate connections with his team and clients alike, and builds his magnetic style empire from the standpoint of a bold creator. An artist first and foremost, he has a masterful vision for client confidence and well-being.

A man of modest origins, Becker’s career aspirations whisked him at a young age from Ecuador to Paris, where he acquired renowned celebrity clientele and firsthand runway experience with top designers. He trained under the instruction of Alexandre de Paris and was one of the first to bring Balayage French highlighting to Greenwich—but it is his inherent energy that gives Becker the ease and comfort of an expert hair designer.

Becker views clients through the eyes of a healer. Within his community, Becker works with local and underprivileged youth to inspire future talent. He uses style as a signature and possesses an innate ability to find and reflect natural beauty. From personalities to aesthetics, he is a master of true transformations. What color will create confidence? How does hair compliment personality? What style best illuminates your eyes?

His namesake product line, Be(cker) Chic(aiza), embodies these same philosophies of transformative haircare. Be Chic is a collection of luxurious plant-based formulas made from superfood ingredients, developed by Becker to truly revitalize and nurture hair from the inside out. 

Becker connects without intimidating. He listens, respects and empathizes without ever feeling insincere or inconsistent. His passion is tangible. In his own words, he has felt called to “do one thing and do it well.” And do it well, he does.


Already well-known for its healing properties, the hydration-packed aloe leaf soothes and smooths lackluster locks, restoring the essential moisture balance of your hair. It’s all about balance.


Not only good on toast, Avocado is full of vitamin E that helps revive heat-damaged or stressed-out hair. It adds moisture without weight, soothes split ends and soaks into hair cuticles to forge the strong, luscious locks of your dreams. 


The fatty acids and rich vitamins found in coconut oil protect and moisturize hair during the cleansing ritual. Coconut binds to hair proteins and helps remove dirt and excess oils—without stealing your hair’s natural beauty.


Superfoods are for your hair, not just your diet. Hydrolyzed quinoa has been used for centuries to revitalize and repair hair strands from the inside out, proving once and for all that sometimes, nature knows best.


Rather than roasting to soft, gold perfection, our Marshmallow root extract acts as a ceramide precursor, forming a barrier layer that locks in hydration and keeps your hair silky from roots to ends.


Extracted from the seeds of the Meadowfoam flower, this lightweight oil contains a wealth of antioxidants and fatty acids that encourage luster, moisture retention and frizz control. In other words, welcome to shiny, healthy hair.


A rich mix of fatty acids and antioxidants, Oryza Sativa is extracted from natural brown rice and offers intense UV protection along with soothing moisture and intense conditioning. It’s key for sleek, silky hair.


Pressed from the seeds of a close Sunflower relative, Safflower Oil packs a pretty punch of Oleic and Linoleic acids thatpromote your hair’s ability to retain moisture, add radiance, and protect from free radicals.


Shea butter is a superfood cocktail of vitamins A, E and F that naturally protects your hair, smoothing frizz and locking in hydration. It also shields your locks from harmful UV rays and stimulates collagen production to help you achieve that healthy hair glow.